"At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, Glasgow is still awake"
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Raymond Depardon, Glasgow 1980.

"A series taken in Glasgow incarnates the bleakest of urban landscapes: children in white knee socks, scampering and blowing bubble gum among drab ashy streets and graffitied walls. In one image, a crouched woman in a dark alley drinks from a bottle marked “El Dorado,” while boxes burn nearby. (The Sunday Times commissioned Depardon to shoot in Glasgow in 1980, but never published these images.)”

Glasgow 1974……

Daido Moriyama at Tate Modern for the press view of his exhibition.

The exhibition consists of 2 separate shows side by side. The first looks at William Klein the American photographer and the second Daido Morriyama the Japanese photographer.

Although they are very different in terms of their practice, Moriyama has acknowledge Klein’s influence on his work with Photo-Books.

On viewing the exhibition of their work they seem to have something in common at first glance in terms of their urban street photography and the cities they work in (New York and Tokyo).
On a technical point, he is now using a Nikon compact camera rather than the Ricoh GRD for his colour work. Image here: http://filmphotographyschool.com/what-camera-does-daido-moriyama-use/


Daido Moriyama, at the press launch of his joint exhibition with Willaim Klein at Tate Modern, London.

 He has now started to use a Nikon s9100


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